Get 10 MDC in your wallet

Get 10 MDC in your wallet

4 months ago
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To get your first MDC you need to download and install the wallet. 
Instruction can be found in the article How do I use my wallet?

After installing and synchronizing the wallet, join the Moldovacoin Telegram channel.

Indicate the address of your wallet in our channel. Your address for receiving coins can be found in the Recieve folder of the wallet and looks like this:

 After you give us the address of your wallet, we will add you 10 MDC.

 Now you can make your first transaction in the Moldovacoin network, or save coins for POS-mining.

Communication channels

All the news about Moldovacoin Blockchain and the MDC digital currency can be found at the BitcoinTalk forum, in our Telegram channel and in social networks.